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There is a wide variety of hosting services, or web hosting. All offer different aspects of service that can be very interesting. How can you choose the type of hosting that best suits you and your website?

Here we put a list of the most common types of hosting. You will see the different aspects to have an idea of ​​what will work best for you.


This option implies that several web pages are hosted together on the same server. Thus, they are shared among all web hosting costs . This results in a hosting service at a low price, it is a good option for websites that do not have a very high number of monthly visits.

The disadvantages are that, as you share with other web pages that are also hosted on the same server, you run the risk of one of the other users using your page to send spam . This will mean that all the pages will be affected and will not be able to send emails until the problem is solved.


Here what you hire is a virtual server. That is, the service provider you hire divides a web server into a few virtual servers. This is different from the shared hosting service, because you can work as if the server was not shared , although you are really sharing with other virtual private servers that are staying on the web server.

This also means that you have resources reserved on the server only for your web page , and what happens with the rest of the web pages that are hosted on the same server will not affect you.


With this type of web hosting, you are the only user on the web server. It is exclusively for your use. Thus,  all server resources are available only to you .

This service is ideal for websites with a lot of traffic. So you do not have to share resources with anyone, and your website will not have failures due to lack of resources. For example, when you share a web server with other web pages, sometimes the other pages may have a lot of traffic and the server may become saturated. Without being able to have more resources, it may be that at this moment your web page responds slowly, or that it is without access. With a dedicated hosting, you will not find this problem.


Hosting in the cloud, or cloud hosting, is a very adaptable solution . Here the resources of multiple servers are used. This makes this option very reliable . If it happens that one of the servers stops working, your web page would continue to work on another server.

With this type of web hosting, you can pay for the resources you actually use, instead of paying a fixed fee for the accommodation.

Here we have presented the most used services. Your choice will depend on what your website needs. In Hostgator.com, you can find more options , there they adapt to your needs. Choose the best for your web page !

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